Continuities and shifting paradigms

A debate on Caspar Hirschi's 'The origins of nationalism'


  • Steven Grosby
  • Joep Leerssen
  • Caspar Hirschi


1. Introduction (p. 2)

2. Steven Grosby, Nationality and constructivism (pp. 2-13)

3. Joep Leerssen, The baton and the frame: or, tradition and recollection (pp. 13-23)

4. Caspar Hirschi, Duck or quack? On the lack of scholarly soundness and decorum in Joep Leerssens review (pp. 24-35)

5. Joep Leerssen, Response to Caspar Hirschi (pp. 35-48)

Author Biographies

Steven Grosby

Steven Grosby, professor of Religion at Clemson University (South Carolina),received his PhD from the Committee on Social Thought of the University of Chicago. His areas of research include the ancient Near East, the Hebrew Bible, the relation between religion and nationality, and Social and Political Philosophy. His recent works include Nationalism: a very short introduction (Oxford, 2005).

Joep Leerssen

Joep Leerssen, coordinator of SPIN (Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms), holds the chair of Modern European Literature at the University of Amsterdam. His work moves in four contiguous fields: Irish intercultural history, the theory of national stereotyping, the history of romantic nationalism in Europe and the history of the humanities. From 1996 until 2006 he served as director of the Huizinga Institute (the Dutch national Research Institute for Cultural History).

Caspar Hirschi

Caspar Hirschi is professor of General History at the University of Sankt Gallen. His fields of research include the early modern republic of letters, scientific experts both in past and present and the theory and history of nationalism. His 2012 volumeThe origins of nationalism: an alternative history from Ancient Rome to early modern Germanywas an important contribution in nationalism studies.



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