Bayernpartei archives at the ADVN



  • Sophie Bossaert
  • Tom Cobbaert

Author Biographies

Sophie Bossaert

Sophie Bossaert (1988) graduated in modern history, archival and library sciences. She is currently working as deputy-archivist at the ADVN and collaborates on Archiefbank Vlaanderen.

Tom Cobbaert

Tom Cobbaert (1981) graduated in modern history and archival sciences and currently works as archivist and head of collections at ADVN and NISE. He specialises in archives of political figures and parties, digital archiving and (digital) tools for collection management. As a historian he studies the use of the European idea in far-right nationalist movements. Besides his work at ADVN/NISE he is a freelance consultant on the use of open-source software and social media in archives and heritage organisations and is engaged in several archival associations, national as well as international.



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Bossaert, S., & Cobbaert, T. (2013). Bayernpartei archives at the ADVN: Inventory. Studies on National Movements (SNM), 1, 187-223. Retrieved from




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