The Flemish movement and Flemish nationalism

Instruments, historiography and debates


  • Bruno De Wever


This article gives a concise overview of the historiography of the Flemish movement and the Belgian nationality conflict. It addresses the main working instruments and scientific infrastructure. Furthermore it provides an overview of the basic works and the most significant literature in English, French and German. It detects the theoretical frameworks and gives a brief overview of the smouldering historiographical debates: the social players of the Flemish movement in the 19th century; the impact of World War I on Flemish nation building; the Flemish movement during the interwar years and World War II; the ideological developments of the Flemish movement and the Belgian state reform after World War II.

Author Biography

Bruno De Wever

Bruno De Wever (1960) is professor of history at Ghent University. He published about Flemish nationalism and World War II in Belgium. He was co-editor of theĀ New encyclopaedia of the Flemish movement, a major work of reference on the subject of nationalism in Belgium.



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